Pre-order food in restaurants with timeat

Your meals have never been so punctual
Everything is very simple
Find a restaurant
Use map or search for choosing your favorite cafe
Choose meals
Don't forget to point at what time you plan to visit the restaurant - it will prepare everything on time
Your meals are ready
Just come and take away. Even 15 minutes are not worth wasting them
Cool benefits for you
Up to 45 minutes of saved time — you don't wait at restaurant for meals anymore
New service and culture of visiting restaurants
Plan meals in advance and forget about fast food
Save your time
New service experience
Taste healthy food
And what else?
timeat — the service that is useful for every day
Change locations
Regular lunches outside the office improve productivity, mood and networking
Stay full
Even if the deadlines are burning, you will have time to eat fully
Be confident
It doesn't matter if you are going on a business meeting or a date — be sure that you'll have food on time.
Haven't found your favorite restaurant?
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